Computer Services

Computers are amazing machines that enrich our lives, make life easier, connect us with friends, family, and colleagues.  They seem so independent that we forget we have to take care of them also.  When we don't, they slow down, act up, have a breakdown or forget what we asked them to remember for us. They have mastered the ability to let us know when they need help in sometimes frustrating and painful ways.

We are here to help both of you.  We listen to the problem and come up with solutions to get both of you back on track.  We protect you from outside threats like viruses and can replace worn-out parts to make the computer even faster than before.  If you need help on how to use your computer, that is one of our specialties.  We can install wifi, home theater, or other technology-related items in your home or business.


We would love to help.  If you have a question or would like a quote, please contact us below.

Service List

  • Install - Get your product up and running.

  • Setup - Set up up your product and show you the basics of using it.

  • Support - Help answer your questions, resolve problems and simplify things.

  • RepairDiagnose and fix your tech issue.