Why Choose Total Service Solutions?

Our Pledge

Our goal is to give you a fantastic service that makes your life or work easier.  We love our customers and want the best for them.  When you choose us, we want to make it a simple and enjoyable experience.  We strive to continually learn and improve.  We always do our best to do the job right the first time. Sometimes things don't go as planned, and when that happens, we make it right without you having to ask. 

The Owners

Gregg and Jennifer Huffman started the company as a college job over 25 years ago.  We started off mowing lawns.  Gregg always dreamed of running his own business and helping people.  His love of technology and Jennifer's love of animals led us to expand into the computer and pet services areas.  Jennifer also works at Pennfield Animal Hospital and has a passion for helping animals.  She brings that knowledge and passion to your pets while you are away.  It is three unique services with the same goal in mind: to make your life easier so you can enjoy more of it.