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Life is busy.  We know that it can be hard to find great, friendly, and reliable help that you trust.  We aim to make life a little easier by helping your computer work right, freeing you from the yard work, and taking care of the lovable, furry family members when you are away.

Our Services

Computer Services

Does your computer need a guiding hand?  We help your computer get back on track and feeling like new again.  We also can help you just figure out how to use the darn thing.

Lawn Services

Need more help with the outdoor tasks?  We can help mow your yard, clean up the leaves, and get the drive cleared of snow.

Pet Sitting

Does your furry family need a friend while you are gone?  We would love the opportunity to meet a new friend.  We will even help them keep the place clean and smelling good while you are gone. 


"Gregg built my computer over 9 years ago and he's the only one I trust to maintain it! I'd highly recommend him to everyone!"

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